Still Speaking of Nature:

Further Explorations of the Natural World

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"Danielson has a light touch, a tender eye and a gracious adoration of the simple things we all can enjoy outdoors."

- Marion Roach, Martha Stewart Radio


"...insightful and well-written collection of 28 essays...inspire readers to get outside, explore and enjoy."

- Schenectady Daily Gazette Best Books of 2011


"Bill's writing, full of facts and fine thoughts, gives us the craving to be outside in Nature's wondrous beauty."

- Pete Dubacker, Director, Berkshire Bird Paradise.


"In a thousand words or less a writer must clearly explain complex details or unfamiliar concepts from the natural world. If the subject is familiar the writer must find something new to draw in the reader. Danielson treads this challenging ground with insight and aplomb."

-John Rowen, Schenectady Daily Gazette


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