Drexel's Datana in Warwick, MA

This gorgeous photo came courtesy of Lula Field with the following e-mail:

Dear Bill,

I was interested to read your recent article on Witch Hazel in the Greenfield Recorder.  This has always been one of my favorite shrubs (& it can be quite ornamental if you grow it in a damp spot where it gets a few hours of sun!  It grows into a thick bush, covered with flowers in October.).

I'm a moth enthusiast - I've photographed over 700 species here in Royalston - so I decided to send you photos of a few moths, some quite colorful, whose caterpillars eat Witch Hazel.  All are from around here except for the Witch Hazel Dagger Moth, which is fairly uncommon - I saw it on Nantucket last summer.  I hope you enjoy them!  I enjoy your articles.

Sincerely, Lula
Athol Bird & Nature Club

Dear Lula,

I could only select one of your wonderful photos and the Drexel's Datana simply jumped off the screen at me. You've inspired me to pay a lot more attention to moths this year!