Adam Had a Visitor!

This great photo came courtesy of Adam Frost, with the following e-mail:


"...thought I would share pictures of otters on Lake Mattawa from yesterday. I was driving by the lake at 2pm or so when I saw several large shapes on the ice by the shore. They didn't look like beavers--if anything they looked like seals--so I stopped and turned around to view them. And indeed they were otters: a little shy but curious and then, after a minute or two, rather playful. When I came back along the lake half an hour later, they were sunning themselves on an ice float at the middle of the lake."

-- Adam

Dear Adam,

I am jealous! I've only seen river otters a couple times in my life and never for more than a few seconds. To see several playing and sunning themselves must have been a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing!!

-- Bill