My Annual Pilgrimage to Slabsides

April 2012







































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Every year I make a point of visiting "Slabsides," the famous woodland retreat of my favorite Naturalist, John Burroughs. I bring a camera with me every time and take photos of whatever I find. On this particular day in April of 2012 I was able to find all sorts of wonderful things to look at. There was also a surprise waiting for me!


John Burroughs built this cabin with his own hands. In it he entertained such guests as Teddy Roosevelt, John Muir, and Henry Ford. When I become a millionaire I will build a cabin like this for myself. Until then, visits to Slabsides will have to suffice.

Wildflowers Abound

Because it was only April it was a little early for some of the wildflowers I had hoped to find, but that didn't mean there weren't lots to choose from when I got into the woods. Wild violets of many varieties were in full bloom and I also found a patch of these beautiful Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon..

A Tiny Fiddler?

The woods were filled with all sorts of signs of the the coming season. I was particularly taken with the multitued of fern "fiddlheads" that were poking up out of the forest floor and preparing to unfurl. While photographing the wonderful textures of some of the fiddlehead wrappings I also spotted this cranefly.

The Timeless Art of Seduction

One truly wonderful development at Slabsides is its recent inclusion into the register of nationally important places. With this new attention has come some new construction...of and expanded network of trails. These steps were built by hand and they make the woods surrounding Slabsides more accessible for anyone who wants to explore the world of John Burroughs..

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