2008 Ice Storm








































When I went to bed that night I had no idea that the morning would present such a beautiful display of Nature's artistic ability.

Thick Ice = No School!

School was definitely not an option on this particular day. Every single tree was bending under the strain of heavy ice clinging to limbs, branches, and needles. There wasn't really much in the way of snow, so I was able to take out the Jeep and see what the world looked like...after the ice stopped falling of course.

No Easy Ride

The first thing I noticed was that some of the roads in my neighborhood were going to be easier to travel than others. So, being careful to avoid any roads with really big trees leaning over the pavement I headed out.

A Crystal Coating

It wasn't just the trees that were covered with ice...everything was covered. Most of the color in the landscape was concealed by snow, but along the side of one road I saw a hint of color that warranted further investigation. A closer look showed me that these bittersweet berries were actually quite vibrant.


Photo of the Day!

As the day wore on the storm moved out of the area and the clouds began to break up. By noon the sky was a brilliant blue and the sun made the landscape sparkle as though it was made of crystal.

This willow tree took some particuarly severe damage, but when it was covered with ice it looked quite beautiful.


Copyright 2011 William Danielson