Cape Cod

April 2010











































During the spring of 2010, Susan and I rented a cottage in Yarmouth, MA and I was able to spend a week photographing the birds and scenery of the springtime Cape. I have no idea why the weather was cooperating so much, but we had a full week of sunny weather that was broken here and there by cloudy conditions. However, the clouds added a moodiness to the atmosphere and I was able to capture that particular feeling while returning to the mainland from Martha's Vineyard.

The best duck photo of all time!

The process was not difficult, but it was certainly time consuming. Sit in a folding chair for hours at a time and wait to see if anything interesting will present itself. After four days of this sort of activity (about 4 hours per day) I captured this image, which is arguably the best photo of a duck I have ever captured. It would have been nice if it were a more exotic species, but we must gather our perfect photos one at a time. Someone had to be first..

Spring is here!

While waiting for the waterfowl to swim by I had plenty of time to watch the other birds in this quiet little backwater. One of the most vocal and energetic was this male red-winged blakbird. He had no idea I was watching!




The Blind.

I set up my blind next to a dock in a quiet corner of this saltwater lake. The small shrubs were not much camouflage for my blind, but they did serve as a perch for many birds that eventually got used to this strange object. The red-winged blackbird above was one that would sing from the branches of the small shrub to the left of the blind in this photo.


Martha's Vinyard

One day susan and I decided to take the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard and go on a bike tour. We had a wonderful time and saw many beautiful places, but one of the most striking scenes was the display of "God Beams" cutting through the clouds as we headed back to the mainland.

It was very windy and very cold on the upper deck of the ferry, but I managed to get a few great shots of the clouds as another ferry headed towar Martha's Vineyard. I didn't last too long, however. It's still cold at the Cape in the spring!


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