The Bahamas!

February 2011











































Winters can be long in the northeast and there are times when you just want a change of scenery. To accomplish this, Susan and I decided to take our first cruise and we couldn't think of a better destination thatn the Bahamas. We had only been to the tropics together once before for our honeymoon, so we were quite anxious to get back and feel that soft coral sand between our toes. I was also very keen on taking some photos becuase this would be my first visit to the tropics with my digital camera. We left NYC on the 19th of February, spend a day cruising, stopped at Orlando for a day, and then on the 22nd (which also happened to be my birthday) we awoke to find that we had arrived. Our first stop was a private island....

Birthday on Great Stirrup Cay!

The weather was everything we had hoped for - sunny, warm, light tropicla breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. We boarded a tender and then set off for the Cay where we planned to do some swimming and luxuriating under the sun. We were lucky to be among the first wave of visitors and were able to quickly claim a prime spot by the beach. I set up my camera and decided to just wait and see what would happen. As luck would have it, I was in just the right place at just the right time to capture an image of a female magnificent frigatebird fly overhead. If I hadn't had my camera ready I would have missed the shot because she never came back..

Nassau, here we come!

After spending a wonderful evening onboard the ship, and having a truly excellent birthday dinner at one of the ship's many fine restaurants, we awoke the next morning to find that we had arrived at the port of Nassau. The ship had spent the evening making lazy circles and after a quick breakfast we disembarked and walked into the town. The first photo I took was of a Eurasian collared dove. I was soon to discover that doves of all sorts were to be found all over the island. Quite a difference from the mourning doves and pigeons of the northeast!

A Familiar Face

Susan and I decided that we would go for a wonderfully leisurely walk along the quiet back roads of Nassau. This gave us the opportunity to walk hand in hand and talk about pleasant nothings, but it wasn't long before we were both surpised to discover a familiar face on the rocky shore. A killdeer!

There were actually many of them and I was lucky to have my camera at the ready once again. These photos were featured in one of my columns and will also be featured in a book sometime in the future. I realize it wasn't Darwin's visit to the Galapagos, but there were definitely some interesting things I learned while on my second visit to a tropical island..


Nature is beautiful, but mankind has the capacity for creating beauty too! Many of the beautiful houses on the island were tucked safely behind high walls, but as Susan and I were headed back to the ship we passed by this particulalry lovely cottage and I simply had to take a photo. The red shutters stood out so percfectly against the white blocks of coral that had been fasioned into the walls of this house, and the trunk of the palm cut such an interesting line through the photo. It was a wonderful way to say goodbye to the beautiful island of Nassau.

Copyright 2011 William Danielson